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Our Director of Programming is David Senior.


Saturday, July 20

Harm Reduction, with Jen Shear

Interdisciplinary artist, Jen Shear, will discuss the opioid epidemic and its impact on her creative community. Here she’ll address why certain social, cultural, political, and economic factors make some low-income artists vulnerable to addiction, and how the spread of harm reduction practices can help save lives.

"Brancusi-like" sculpture, Strange Fruit, and defaced record covers

Greg Wooten, author of "Marred For Life!" (J&L Books, 2019) will discuss his experiences as a professional "picker", and his 13 all-time best flea market finds, including a giant pewter tooth and a painting by an orangutan. Presented by Jason Fulford.

REEL, by Paul Clipson

In celebration of the newly revised 3rd edition of Paul Clipson's book: REEL, Land and Sea are pleased to present a 16mm film screening- A collection of Paul's favorite footage from 2017. The film was last projected in silence at his memorial at SFMoMA last year. For this screening a live score will be provided by Amma Ateria.

Steven Leiber Catalogs

A public program on Steven Leiber and his dealer catalogs. David Senior will moderate a panel discussion focusing on the catalogs as well as the art that Steven Leiber collected, sold and celebrated. Panelists include: Alexandra Bowes (art collector), Arnaud Desjardin (artist and owner of The Everyday Press) Amber Hasselbring (former Steven Leiber Basement Manager) David Kasprzak (artist and co-owner of Colpa Press) and Adam Michaels (designer of Steven Leiber Catalogs and owner of Inventory Press.)

Meaningfulosity: a discussion with Anne Lesley Selcer

Wolfman Books’ new publication, Blank Sign Book, approaches art writing premised on the idea that it can contain anything, except detached authority. Engaging the relationship between politics and art—in the streets, on the screen, in the book, in the feminist meeting, and in the museum—this literary and experimental collection meets art with its own febrile and fecund energies. Author Anne Lesley Selcer will discuss her practice, and welcome a discussion with other artist-writers and writers devoted to art.

Lento Violento, with Rosa Tyhurst

Lento Violento is a style of electronic dance music that Torinese DJ Gigi D’Agostino developed in the early 2000s. Italian for slow and violent, lento violento has elements of a hardcore or hardstyle sound played at a very slow tempo, usually between 85 and 115 BPM. Developed from research for a recent exhibition and book that considered dance music culture in Italy, Rosa Tyhurst will consider lento violento’s emergence within a post-industrial, Berlusconi-era Italy and hypothesize about slow and violent artistic practices today.
Sunday, July 21

DEATH BY TECHNOMANCY, with Micki Meng and Tatiana Vahan

San Francisco is a city that founded a slow food movement, hosts a strong maker culture, and privileges communing with nature, yet is also the birth city of AI and computer technology. As industry shifts, Meng, founder of the new publishing and partnership initiative &Art&, and Vahan, founder of Los Angeles Artist Census and bar-fund, discuss the contemporary moment, its paradoxes, and different support structures for artists and art workers in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

All Possible Futures 3, with Jon Sueda and Chris Hamamoto

All Possible Futures: Unrealized Archive uncovers “unrealized” graphic design projects that consumed many hours—sometimes years—of work, but were never produced. These fascinating proposals—ranging in form from PDFs to photos, dummies, models, and sketches—remain unmade but are deserving of serious discussion. Issue #3: Large Format will feature unrealized works that explore extreme scale in some way. To launch this latest issue Jon Sueda and Chris Hamamoto will give a short presentation on the history of the project and the latest issue, and moderate a discussion with a panel of participants in the project.

April Dawn Alison, with Andrew Masullo and Erin O’Toole

April Dawn Alison was published by MACK to accompany an exhibition of the same name now on view at SFMOMA. The book features previously unseen Polaroids made over the course of thirty years by April Dawn Alison, the feminine persona of male photographer Alan Shaefer, based in Oakland. Erin O’Toole, curator of the exhibition and editor of the book, will discuss Alison’s work with the painter Andrew Masullo, who gave Alison’s archive to the museum.

Lazy Painter, by Side Issues

The book 'Lazy Painter’ turns a robot vacuum cleaner into an artist. It combines technology and art, as a result of a workshop ‘design by rules’  with students of Lucern – and reflects on the human-machine relationship in creation. Furthermore, it exemplifies a series of Side Issues publications about science, history, art and visual culture from the point of view of a committed dilettante.

nkiruka oparah x 2727

Using repetition, drawing, and writing, this workshop series explores how we can use our dreams to illuminate non-linear possibilities, future & ancestral knowledge, and map inner landscapes and time-scales. The workshop will also include practical tools for sustaining a dream practice, as well as plants/herbs that can support us in recentering and being at home in our bodies.

Friday, July 19 - Sunday, July 21

Gagosian presents Flags and Aces, a project room featuring the exhibition of a unique artist book by Richard Prince and a presentation of two Jack Kerouac items from the Ryder Road Foundation: Kerouac’s Big Sur notebook and a scroll drawing of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s cabin in Bixby Canyon, drawn by Kerouac during his “secret return” to the Bay Area.

Gallery 207, Bass and Reiner
Thursday, July 18 - Saturday, July 27

Curated by David Senior, Head of Library and Archives, SFMOMA, in conjunction with the launch of the book Steven Leiber Catalogs, there will be an exhibition of Steven Leiber’s catalogs at Minnesota Street Project in Bass & Reiner Gallery on the second floor. David Senior, the publication editor and essayist will curate the exhibition and will introduce source materials for Steven’s mailers. The exhibition will open on July 18th and will be on view through July 27th, 2019. Sponsored by RITE Editions.

OUTSIDE - 1275 Minnesota St.

KunstCapades is an art-themed variety show/podcast hosted by Josh Pieper, Tim Sullivan, and Robyn Carliss. Guests from all points on the artist-curator-dealer-collector spectrum board a gondola up to the recording booth - Altitude, an alpine-island bar in an undisclosed, altitudinous San Francisco location - for conversation and cocktails. Listeners are treated to a rollicking agenda of absurd segments, including “Art Crimes”, “Beats from the Belfry”. “ebay Today,” “Let’s Ask Tantum,” “Bartender’s Ballyhoo,” and intel regarding local openings and calls for work. Join us for a multi-part, LIVE recording at the 2019 San Francisco Art Book Fair.


Friday, July 19

Canyon Cinema and San Francisco Cinematheque present Missed Connections
Join us for a program of short media art and experimental film in celebration of the release of Canyon's Cinemazine #6: Missed Connections and recent publications offered by San Francisco Cinematheque. The camera sees something that the person using it does not — a luminous detail or furtive glance, a chance moment found only in retrospect; letters are sent (or not sent), messages sent into the void...

Civic TV Vol. 5 with Bonanza, David Bayus, Sara Eliassen, Matthew Lax, and Marta D Strazicic. Designed by Marianne Poinsot.  Presented by Colpa Press.

Saturday, July 20

Over and Over, Again and Again
by Allen Ruppersberg and Thomas Cvikota
Directed by Lucas Cvikota
Soundtrack by Allen Ruppersberg

Over and Over, Again and Again, documents the typewritten index cards that accompany a collection of 78 rpm records donated by Barrie H. Thorpe to the Batavia Public Library in Illinois. The cards identify the artist/performer, date and title of each recording from Thorpe’s collection along with anecdotal information and his personal commentary. The Thorpe Collection of 48,000 78's was the first major donation to the Internet Archive’s Great 78 Project. The accompanying soundtrack is a collage of movie soundtracks, sound effects, experimental music, musique concrete, pop songs, and miscellaneous recordings. The screening will show a section of the 13-hour work-in-progress film.
Sunday, July 21

Thoughts on a Black Aesthetic
This hybrid screening / performative lecture will feature varied observations on black representation that carry with them a distinct, personal viewpoint. Through these acts, The Black Aesthetic will ruminate on the themes of lineage, context, and collaboration.

Leila Weefur. Excerpt from Between Beauty & Horror, a short film (originally a video installation) exploring the symbiotic nature of beauty and horror. The film’s poetic narrative explores this particular duality as an intrinsic part of the Black experience. Presented by Sming Sming Books.

V. Vale of Search & Destroy, screening of a short documentary about the history of Search & Destroy

Civic TV Vol. 5 with Bonanza, David Bayus, Sara Eliassen, Matthew Lax, and Marta D. Strazicic. Designed by Marianne Poinsot. Presented by Colpa Press.

Canyon Cinema and San Francisco Cinematheque present Missed Connections


Friday, July 19

7-9pm R-ev - M19
Carlos A. Etcheverry

Saturday, July 20

12-2pm - Verge Center for the Arts - C10
Angela Willetts

1-2pm - Real Time & Space - B2

1-2pm - Stripe SF - B4
Martin Venesky - What I know about photography

1-2pm - Pier 24 - C9
Corine Vermeulen - Your Town Tomorrow (Detroit, 2007–2017)

2-3pm - TBW Books - A3
Mimi Plumb - Landfall

2-3pm - Nazraeli Press - A42
Todd Hido - Bright Black World
Saturday, July 20 contd.

2-3pm Real Time & Space - B2
Johnna Arnold

3-5pm R-ev - M19
Carlos A. Etcheverry

5-6pm Anglim Gilbert Gallery
Jori Finkel and Lynn Hershman Leeson

Sunday, July 21

12-1pm - Real Time & Space - B2
Lexa Walsh

1-2pm - Pier 24 - C9
John Chiara California

2-4pm R-ev - M19
Carlos A. Etcheverry


Saturday, July 20th, 5-6pm

Join author Jori Finkel and artist Lynn Hershman Leeson for a book signing of Finkel’s latest publication, It Speaks to Me (Prestel). Featuring interviews with 50 leading contemporary artists, discover which artworks from museums across the globe have made an enduring impact on their work.

Friday, July 19 - Sunday, July 21

Nancy Toomey Fine Art will present a curated selection of works by NY based Brian Dettmer, known for his detailed and innovative art objects using the book as his medium.  After a book or series of books is sealed into a solid form, he cuts into the surface, reading with his knife one page or layer at a time. Fragmented images, words and ideas emerge to expose and create new relationships within the book's internal elements.

Friday, July 19 - Sunday, July 21

Rena Bransten Gallery will be selling a selection of new and used gallery publications, exhibition catalogues, & artist monographs.

Yen-Hua Lee & Marissa Katarina Bergmann will also present "The Sound of Mesostic Reading" in conjunction with the exhibition "Yen-Hua Lee / Book project: a silent conversation."

Reading Times:
Friday, July 19 at 7pm
Saturday, July 20 at 12pm
Sunday, July 21 at 12pm
Length: 10-20 min.

Friday, July 19 - Sunday, July 21

Casemore Kirkeby will host a series of pop-up book sales, artist talks, and book signings throughout the fair weekend. Full schedule below.

Owen Hido, B-sides Box Sets, featuring Erik Kessels Notes on Accidents, Vanessa WinshipSeeing the Light of Day, Ed Templeton Loose Shingles and Todd Hido Homing In

Casemore Kirkeby presents a selection of titles by gallery artists including Anouk Kruithof, Todd Hido, Hiroshi Takizawa, Kenta Cobayashi, Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel, Sean McFarland, Raymond Meeks, Naohiro Utagawa, Steve Kahn, Ed Templeton, Deanna Templeton, Motoyuki Daifu, Jim Jocoy, Elspeth Diederix, Aspen Mays, Whitney Hubbs, Daisuke Yokota & Yoshi Kametani, and others.

Sunday, July 21st 3-4 PM
SFMOMA will have a pop-up selling copies of April Dawn Alison, edited by Erin O’Toole, and published by Mack. Books will be for sale from 3pm -4pm immediately following a conversation about the publication in the MSP Lounge.

Sunday, July 21
David Pace and Stephen Wirtz Images in Transition-Wirephoto 1938-1945, Schlit Publishing

Artist talks:

Saturday, July 20
Raymond Meeks and Todd Hido in conversation with Adam Meeks

Sunday, July 21
Raymond Meeks in Conversation with Adam Meeks

Friday, July 19 - Sunday, July 21

Themes+Projects gallery has teamed up with Gingko Press to widen our book selection on art and pop culture. In addition, photography books published by Themes+Projects will be on sale! For purchases over $50, receive a complimentary copy of Hong Kong Yesterday perpetual calendar by Fan Ho (while supplies last). Themes+Projects gallery is located gallery space #205.

Saturday, July 20, 5-6 PM

The Internet Archive’s 2019 Artist in Residence Exhibition presents Radical Digital Painting — THE BUG LOG

In conjunction with the Internet Archive’s 2019 Artist In Residence Exhibition at Ever Gold [Projects], programmer and digital painter Jeffrey Alan Scudder presents a new iteration of Radical Digital Painting, an ongoing performance project which often includes other artists.

Radical Digital Painting is named after Radical Computer Music, a project by Danish artist Goodiepal, who Scudder has been touring with in Europe over the last two years. In 2018 alone, Jeffrey gave over 45 lecture performances on digital painting and related topics in the United States and Europe.

On July 20 at 5 pm, Radical Digital Painting presents THE BUG LOG, a project by Ingo Raschka featuring Julia Yerger and Jeffrey Alan Scudder.

1150 25th Street, Building B
Saturday, July 20 - Sunday, July 21
All programs are free and open to the public.
No registration required unless otherwise noted.

Saturday, July 20
1:00–5:00pm | Parking Lot, McEvoy Foundation for the Arts
Blank Art Objects presented by Brion Nudarosch

1:00–1:45pm | McEvoy Foundation for the Arts
Gallery Sessions: Ala Ebtekar

Artist Ala Ebtekar is joined by his mother to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 11 moon landing with a reading and to discuss its relation to his monumental work Thirty-six Views of the Moon, 2019, on view in McEvoy Foundation for the Arts' summer exhibition What is an edition, anyway?. The work is the Spring edition of a series in four seasons that takes its cue from a twelfth century poem by Omar Khayyam that imagines humans as the objects of the Moon’s omnipresent gaze. Using photographic negatives of the Moon provided by California’s Lick Observatory Archives, Ebtekar treated book and pamphlet pages from ten centuries of texts referencing the moon and night sky with photographic chemicals then exposed them to moonlight.

6:00–7:30pm | McEvoy Foundation for the Arts
Bonanza: That’s Funny

Free registration encouraged

McEvoy Foundation for the Arts presents a special, free performance by multidisciplinary art collective Bonanza in conjunction with its summer exhibition What is an edition, anyway?. That’s Funny is a stand-up comedy performance, emceed and designed by Bonanza that features artists taking the mic alongside comedic ringers as a celebration of comedy’s potential for posturing and resilience. Now in its fourth edition, That's Funny began as an alternative to a traditional opening event for the collective’s dyke, ginger, Mexican show at Interface Gallery in 2017. The event is curated by interdisciplinary artist and THE THING Quarterly co-founder Jonn Herschend as part of a series that explores the possibilities of performance as edition. A limited-run silkscreened poster designed by Herschend and THE THING co-founder Will Rogan will be available to attendees.

Sunday, July 21
1:00–1:30pm | McEvoy Foundation for the Arts
Gallery Sessions: Stephanie Syjuco

Artist Stephanie Syjuco discusses the commissioned installation Excess Capital (Double or Nothing), 2013–, on view in McEvoy Foundation for the Arts' summer exhibition What is an edition, anyway? and how authenticity is defined in a commodity-based culture. The work displays used copies of Karl Marx’s Capital that Syjuco purchased at auction on eBay and then re-classifies as artist editions by inserting a signed bookplate. Offering each book for sale at exactly double the price paid, Syjuco leverages visitors as partner investors in the project, with all proceeds donated to local activist organizations specializing in racial justice and immigration rights at the close of the exhibition.

1:45–2:15pm | McEvoy Foundation for the Arts
Gallery Sessions: Thomas Cvikota

Publisher and collector Thomas Cvikota leads a tour of the editioned works from his personal collection on view in McEvoy Foundation for the Arts' summer exhibitionWhat is an edition, anyway?, many of which were part of the 2018 exhibition of the same name at Mana Contemporary Chicago co-curated by Cvikota and Susan Tallman. Prints, books, posters, artists’ ephemera, and vinyl records highlight longstanding traditions in edition-based practices.

3:00–4:00pm | McEvoy Foundation for the Arts Artist Talk:
Alison O’Daniel in Conversation with Tanya Zimbardo

Free registration encouraged

McEvoy Foundation for the Arts invites visitors to navigate, de-construct, and reimagine sound through the film/video exhibition Alison O'Daniel: The Tuba Thieves. Curator Tanya Zimbardo joins O’Daniel to discuss her unfolding project including the process of reimagining through film the punk show for the closing party of the Deaf Club in San Francisco in 1979. In this expanding series of short films, O’Daniel collaborates with hearing, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf composers, musicians, and performers to highlight the loss or re-creation of information as it passes through various channels. The half-hour program reimagines legendary concerts hosted by Bruce Conner and John Cage as well as fictionalized, poetic narratives. Screens continuously during gallery hours through September 7, 2019.


Thursday, July 18
The Most Beatutiful Swiss Books
swissnex San Francisco
Pier 17, Suite 800
San Francisco, CA 94111

The Most Beautiful Swiss Books is an annual competition recognizing the work of the most talented book designers in Switzerland. Selected by an international jury, this year includes 19 books, chosen from 388 entries, to be showcased in the exhibition. At 7pm, there will be a presentation and drinks.

Saturday, July 20
Rob Lowe – IMA – Chris Duncan
Center for New Music
55 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94102

On this installment of Latitudes, Other Minds teams up with the San Francisco Art Book Fair to present vocalist/composer Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, sound artist Chris Duncan, and the electronics and percussion duo IMA at Center for New Music.


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