The 2018 SF Art Book Fair
1275 Minnesota Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Preview - Friday, July 20th - 6pm – 10pm
Saturday, July 21st - 11am – 6pm
Sunday, July 22nd - 11am – 5pm

2NCBooks (CA) / Motto Distribution (GERMANY)
3standardstoppage studio (CA)
6 Decades Books (CA)
871 Fine Arts (CA)
Aidan Koch & Kyle England (NY)
All Gold / It's Just Great (CA)
Altman Siegel (CA)
Ampersand Gallery & Fine Books (OR)
Anthology Editions (NY)
Aperture (NY)
Atelier Editions (UK)
Aventures Ltd. Press (CA)
Basement (CA)
Bill Daniel (TX)
Blum & Poe (CA)
BOMB Magazine (NY)
Bon-gah (IRAN)
Boo-Hooray (NY)
Breezy Circle (CA)
B-Sides Box Sets (CA)
Canyon Cinema (CA)
Case Publishing / shashasha (JAPAN)
Catharine Clark Gallery (CA)
CCA Hybrid Practice (CA)
CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts (CA)
Chronicle Books (CA)
Colour Code (CANADA)
Coloured Publishing (CA)
Colpa (CA)
commune (JAPAN)
Container Corps (OR)
Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles (CA)
Conveyor Editions (NJ)
Cooperative Editions (NY)
Creative Growth (CA)
Crown Point Press (CA)
Dale Zine (FL)
David Zwirner Books (CA)
Deadbeat Club (CA)
DeMerritt Pauwels Editions (CA)
East of Borneo (CA)
Eggy Press (CA)
Electric Works (CA)
Endless Editions (NY)
Et al. (CA)
Extra Vitamins (CO)
Fillip (CANADA)
Floss Editions (CA)
Fraenkel Gallery (CA)
Fully Booked Dubai (UAE)
Gallery 16 Editions (CA)
Gato Negro Ediciones (MEXICO)
GenderFail (VA)
hamburger eyes (CA)
Hassla (NY)
Hat & Beard Press (CA)
Hesse Press (OH)
Hex Editions (CANADA)
illetante collective (CA)
Institute for Interspecies Art and Relations (NY)
Inventory Press (NY)
Issue Press (MI)
Kodoji Press (SWITZERLAND)
Kopeikin Gallery (CA)
Little Big Man (CA)
Louis Schmidt (CA)
Martian Press (CA)
modlitbooks (CA)
Monograph Bookwerks (OR)
Morel (UK)
Most Ancient (CA)
Nazraeli Press (CA)
Needles & Pens (CA)
New Documents (CA)
Night Diver Press (CA)
Onomatopee Books (NETHERLANDS)
Other Forms (IL)
Owl Cave Books (CA)
Paper Monument / n+1 (NY)
Park Life (CA)
Paulson Fontaine Press (CA)
People I've Loved (CA)
Peradam (NY)
Perfectly Acceptable Press (IL)
Pier 24 Photography (CA)
Primary Information (NY)
Publication Studio San Francisco (CA)
Ratio 3 (CA)
RE/Search and Search & Destroy (CA)
RITE Editions (CA)
S U N (NY)
San Francisco Art Institute (CA)
San Francisco Cinematheque (CA)
SFAI Digital Bookmaking (CA)
siglio (NY)
Silent Sound (CA)
Skinnerboox (ITALY)
Sming Sming Books (CA)
Soberscove Press (IL)
Soft City (NY)
Stolen Books (PORTUGAL)
Stripe SF (CA)
Tan & Loose Press (CA)
TBW Books (CA)
The Aesthetic Union (CA)
The Ice Plant (CA)
The Idea of the Book (OR)
Three Star Books / onestar press (FRANCE)
Tiny Splendor (CA)
Unity Press (CA)
Vacancy Projects (CA)
Visible Publications (CA)
William Stout (CA)
Wolfman Books (CA)